Cloud Ministries, we strive to develop innovative learning and teaching techniques that empower congregants. The advantages of online learning over the traditional method of study are growing, with more people choosing to work full-time while they study or those who prefer to set their own pace of learning. Study anytime, anywhere with Cloud Ministries’ online certificate courses or online supported programmes.

Sophisticated technology and devices have digitized the world and our communities. This is especially relevant in the area of education. Cloud Ministries recognized the need for top-quality online Southern African study options for those congregants who are not in a position to attend on-campus classes. As a result, we’ve adapted many of our courses and programmes to suit the needs of our community of remote congregants. Materials and instructions have been tailored to suit a digital form of learning.

A quality tertiary education is now at your digital fingertips. These smart and convenient online learning options now give you the opportunity to broaden your skillset and vocational horizons.